Carya Society of Calgary

1. Age limit for ticket purchasers is 18 years and over. Purchase must be made in the province of Alberta. Ticket sales are in the province of Alberta.  Sellers are to advise all ticket purchasers not to put the name of any individual on a ticket that is under the age of 18. 

2. All draws will be under the supervision of the firm of Stride Management Corp. All prizes will be drawn at 3950 – 12th Street N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 8H9 

3. Stride Management Corp. and their immediate family members are prohibited from purchasing tickets in the lottery. 

4. The minimum number of tickets that must be sold or minimum revenue generated before the Lottery is canceled or an extension requested, is any combination of the 550 of 1 for $25 individual tickets, 3500 of 5 for $50, 7000 of 10 for $75 that falls under $45,000 in revenue. 

5. The order in which the prizes will be awarded is based on the calendar of draws. After each winner is recorded, the stub will be returned to the drum. 

6. Ticket sales commence October 1, 2018.  Early Bird Draw December 1, 2018, cut-off November 18, 2018; Holiday Draw December 15, 2018, cut-off December 1, 2018; Final Draw December 22, 2018 cut off December 21st.. 

7. Value of all prizes is $25,000. Only 11,000 tickets will be sold; 500 individual tickets at $25 each, 3500 of 5 for $50, 7000 of 10 for $75. 

8. Prizes are Early Bird Draw cash prize of $5000, Holiday Draw cash prize of $5000 and Final Draw cash prize $15,000.

9. Prizes must be accepted as awarded - no substitutes. All winners have one year from the date of the draw to claim their prize. Any costs associated with the delivery of a prize due to distance or unique circumstances will be covered by the Lottery. 

10. All winners will be notified in writing and also by telephone by Carya Society of Calgary. The winners’ names will be published online.

11. If a winner cannot be located after a period of one year from the draw date, the prize or equivalent cash value will be donated to a charitable beneficiary approved by the AGLC.

12. In the event of a winning ticket stub having more than one name the licensee will award the prize to the first name listed on the stub. The licensee and AGLC are not responsible for resolving any disputes which may arise from the different individuals. 

13. If any ticket purchased has been entered in any draw, no refund will be issued after the draw has taken place.